Mediation of contemporary art

Art is education. König Büro offers art brokerage services. It takes the view that artists contribute to the innovation and development of society. In workshops, groups participate in contemporary art. Management teams, school groups or groups of senior citizens develop a way into and an understanding of art in specially designed projects. 
König Büro also curates and organises exhibitions. It takes on the management, planning and implementation of art productions. 

Advising private collectors, collections and firms

The creative company works on behalf of collections in an advisory and mediatory role. It creates insights into the trends in contemporary art and creates presentations of works. In doing so, it also takes into account the possibilities of mobile applications and digital solutions for listing works. König Büro advises private collectors and companies on artworks for important representative spaces. It deals in artworks for client reception areas and positions carefully selected artworks in the waiting and treatment rooms of doctors’ practices.

Representing young Swiss positions

The König Büro acts both on the classic art market as well as in the participatory fields of visual art. The creative company maintains close cooperation with young Swiss artists. The management guides the selected positions in the development of works and professionalization, and supports them in reaching an audience. At trade shows it represents the artists and sells works on their behalf to a demanding public.