Nicole Biermaier’s Archaeological Excavation at Kunsthaus Zurich

Artists had been using classrooms of the Wolfbach school as studios until the building had to be torn down for the extension of the Kunsthaus Zurich. It was suspected that a large pool of art had been forgotten and hidden in these grounds. During the large-scale archaeological excavation in 2014, Julia Sheppard, Nicole Biermaier & Wamidh Al-Ameri found works of art, which have to be filed and determined. The process of excavation, documentation and definition of those works will be documented in a future publication.

Solo exhibition Lorenz Schmid

Live from the opening of Lorenz Olivier Schmid’s exhibition. Surprisingly - until 5th November at Kunsthalle Luzern.

Opening: Super Gobi Open Studio #1

«Super Gobi #1» with Milva Stutz, Marcel Freymond and Antshi von Moos at the König Büro premises. Thank you for your appearance.

Claudio Rasano: Palliative Centre Hildegard

Claudio Rasano has photographed the patients and workers at the Palliative Centre Hildegard in Basel during a year. The touching portraits can be seen at Predigerkirche in Basel.

Antshi von Moos in India

Antshi von Moos was in India for two and a half months and has collected quite a bit of video material on female taxi drivers.

Nicole Biermaier at the Produzentengalerie

«Ornament I/C», a video still which has been reflected multiple times by Nicole Biermaier, is on display at the Produzentengalerie in Lucerne.

Claudio Rasano at the «TagesWoche»

"So it's the question of reconciling belonging and individuality."

Vanessa Simili on artist Claudio Rasano and the stories behind his portraits.

Tages-Woche, 20/2/2017

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Antshi von Moos with Tropical Fever

The latest video installation «Tropical Fever» by Antshi von Moos on the ship of the association «Kunst Ahoi», at the lakeshore in Lucerne.

Claudio Rasano at ""

"He took the winning photograph with an analog camera. Two photos per student, with no on-site quality control."

Christine Stähelin on Claudio Rasano, winner of the 2017 Taylor Wessing Prize.

Barfi, 25/1/2017

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Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize to Claudio Rasano

Claudio Rasano is the laureate of the «Taylor Wessing Photographic Portait Prize» of 2016! We congratulate him wholeheartedly and are proud of him. He convinced the jury with this photograph from the series «Similar Uniforms – We refuse to compare».

Claudio Rasano at "BBC News"

«Some experts too have spoken against school uniforms on the grounds that they suppress individuality and diversity.»

Claudio Rasano at the award ceremony at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

BBC, 16/11/2016

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Annelisa Ferrara + Antshi von Moos

Interesting exchange between intern Annelisa Ferrara and Antshi von Moos, video assistant of Pipilotti Rist, on the solo exhibition of Pipilotti Rist at Kunsthaus Zurich. Their conclusion: The exhibition is truly worth a visit!

Claudio Rasano documents

Claudio Rasano was in Serbia with the aid organisation «Basel hilft mit» and helped the refugees on site.

Aglaia Haritz – Embroiderers Marrakech

Aglaia Haritz attended the Marrakech Biennial with «swap2016», where artists from Morocco and Switzerland collectively presented their artistic analysis of European and North African identities.

Aglaia worked with the Berber «Women’s Cooperation» from Yagour for her exhibition. A group of women was responsible for the production of the handwoven carpets. The conversation was documented and filmed and can be seen until 8 May 2016 at the Riad Larouss in Marrakech.

Photography: Nico Schaerer

→ «Embroiderers of Actuality»

Antshi von Moos at Transform

Antshi von Moos attended «Transform» in Bern last weekend. There, she projected indoor shots of the kiosk «Irina» on its closed roller shutters. During the projection Cimon Finix recited headlines of tabloid papers, which he had rearranged.

Photography by Remy Erismann © transform