Marcel Freymond 07: Change of Perspective

Marcel is looking for inspiration to create a new painting. He always finds a solution in some box.

Marcel Freymond 06: Detail Work Leaves its Marks

Unlike in other activities, traces are unexpected experiments, which are allowed and also desired in Marcel Freymond’s studio. The distinction between work and artist becomes blurred.

Awards for Antshi von Moos

The eight-minute short film «Brother, move on» documents the taxi driving of the Indian woman Geeta, who offers the service „For Women By Women" in the city of Delhi. That way she enables other women to move freely. Antshi von Moos was represented with her film at numerous film festivals, for example in Berlin, Solothurn, Odense and Bristol.


  • «Best Swiss Made», shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival, Bern, Switzerland, 2019
  • Special Mention «Best Documentary Shorts», Palm Springs International ShortFest, Palm Springs, USA, 2019

→ «Brother, move on»

New Location

König Büro has moved. We are arranging the new premises at the moment and preparing for the new year. From now on, our new address is

Birmensdorferstrasse 299
8055 Zurich

Marcel Freymond 05: A Closer Look

How do you apply paint on canvas? Which tool do you use? Marcel Freymond colors the relief-like structures, which result from thick oil paint, with oil chalk.

ZHdK Students at the Children’s Hospital in Zurich

Students of the Bachelor of Arts «Trends & Identity» from the Zurich University of the Arts visited the Children’s Hospital Zurich. They analyzed the connection between art and illness using James Turrell’s «My Light» as an example in the «Chronic Pain» module, led by Swiss artist Johannes Willi.

Marcel Freymond 04: What is Happening?

There is chaos in the studio, from which a precise composition emerges. Marcel Freymond in action.

A Farewell

Farewell Röschibachstrasse after five years.

Marcel Freymond 03: Pile on

The most difficult part is the beginning. Marcel Freymond starts with clear strokes and lets the brush glide over the paper.

Marcel Freymond 02: Kick-off

Marcel Freymond primes his canvases with rabbit glue. He mixes the paint himself, which is composed of oil, pigments and binders. How much is the color blue supposed to shine?

Marcel Freymond’s work 01

Today we are starting a new series in which we will introduce the painter Marcel Freymond in 10 episodes.

Episode 01: Mise-en-place

A spatula and a sanded glass plate is everything the artist needs to get started.

Catalogue Raisonné of Private Collection

We are currently compiling the catalogue raisonné of a private collection. Seen here with a work on paper by Joseph Beuys.

Kindergarten at the Studio

A kindergarten visits the studio with the question: What do artists actually do?

Opening "50 : 5 – Antshi von Moos : Marcel Freymond"

From the opening of «50 : 5 - Antshi von Moos : Marcel Freymond» with the whole team at Till Bühlmann’s restaurant 50zu5.

Lorenz Schmid – Art in Construction

The handover of the art in construction project by Lorenz Olivier Schmid will take place on 3 November 2018 at 11 a.m. at the Rütihof school area in Baden. The bird-call whistles, which will be given as a gift to every school graduate, are ready. In addition, a publication by Carole Kambli will be published by Vexer Verlag.

Antshi von Moos – Postcards

Antshi von Moos works mainly with video. However, the collage offers her a medium in which she can live through the artistic process in a direct way. At the restaurant 50zu5 she exhibits, amongst other works, a series of collages, inspired by the poses of fashion magazine models. The landscape postcards, into which she inserts cut-out arms or legs, form a contrast to the images from fashion magazines.

SRF Kulturplatz on "My Light"

Swiss television program Kulturplatz shows the light installation of James Turrell at the Children’s Hospital in Zurich. "My Light" has been developed in cooperation with Häusler Contemporary and is being overseen by König Büro.

→ SRF Kulturplatz

Marcel Freymond’s Studio

Tidied summer recess in the studio of Marcel Freymond.

Opening of James Turrell’s "My Light"

The opening of the light installation "My Light" by James Turrell will take place at the Children’s Hospital Zurich this Wednesday at 6 p.m. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors thereupon on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

→ My Light at the Children’s Hospital Zurich