Aglaia Haritz: Through the glass bell

Aglaia Haritz and her daughter are gardening. They observe the plants and animals in their garden near Locarno. The artist allows a glimpse, according to the circumstances only through the glass bell.

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Antshi von Moos: "Brother, move on" from the sofa

Film festivals take place virtually because of the situation. Antshi von Moos' short film "Brother, move on" will be shown at the Brooklyn Film Festival, May 29 – June 7, 2020. The second possibility: Oklahoma City's 20th Annual deadCenter Film Festival, June 11–21, 2020. The artist collaged her personal recipe for a chai for personal viewing.

Brooklyn Film Festival
Oklahoma City’s deadCenter Film Festival

Marcel Freymond 10: Thanksgiving

Finished paintings. These are ready to be exhibited.

Presentation at the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid

König Büro attended the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid on March 1st. Within the framework of the «Talking Independent» discussion Susanne König presented the activity of König Büro as well its specific services in the art sector as an addition to the traditional gallery. There was a vivid exchange with the international audience about innovative collections and new platforms for the presentation of art.

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Marcel Freymond 09: Alternative Perspective

Sometimes we have to look at a work from a bird’s eye view to gain clarity.

Marcel Freymond 08: The Big Formats

Marcel Freymond doesn't only concentrate on the details, but is also secure on big formats.