Talaya Schmid in the "NZZ am Sonntag Magazin"

"Schmid makes radical art without taboos, but this is always paired with something soft and warm."

Zuza Speckert on the opening of Talaya Schmid's exhibition "Radical Soft" at Galerie König Büro.

NZZ am Sonntag Magazin, 12/12/2021

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Interview with Talaya Schmid at the "Züritipp"

"It has to be about diverse bodies and practices being represented."

Artist Talaya Schmid on pornography as a political statement and the importance of a humorous approach to sexuality.

Züritipp, 25/11/2021

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Interview with Talaya Schmid at "Tsüri"

"In this, I'm interested in the extent to which pornography can also challenge social norms around sexuality and the body as a cultural and artistic practice."

Artist Talaya Schmid on her work, in an interview with Sari Pamer.

Tsüri, 20/11/2021

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Richard Kägi about König Büro

"Tuft yourself a woolen vulva!"

Food Scout Richard Kägi's weekend recommendation: our artist Talaya Schmid's workshop and a visit to Galerie König Büro. Thanks, Richi! 

Tages-Anzeiger, 9/10/2021

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Lorenz Olivier Schmid at "w/k"

"How does beauty evolve in the everyday?"

Irene Daum on Lorenz Olivier Schmid and his paintings, "which stand for the enduring and the transient at the same time".

Zwischen Wissenschaft & Kunst, 30/9/2021

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Nicole Biermaier and Aglaia Haritz in the "Kunsthalle Zürich Blog"

"And once the woman is visible, she is mystified: As a witch, as a goddess of fertility, as a mythical being to be seduced or conquered."

Giulia Bernardi on hysteria, female resistance, and revealed power structures. 

Kunsthalle Zurich blog, 6/7/2021

Lorenz Olivier Schmid on arttv.ch

"I work at the edge of visibility."

Lorenz Olivier Schmid in a contribution by Cesare Macri about his artistic research work and the latest front yard cosmology.

arttv.ch, 2021 

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Nicole Biermaier and Aglaia Haritz in the "Aargauer Zeitung"

"The male canon in Zurich's Kunsthaus is opposed by two women at the other end of town."

Anna Raymann on "Wege der Opponentinnen" [Ways of the Opponents], women in art, and ornament as a weapon.

Aargauer Zeitung, 6/9/2021

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Jonas Burkhalter in the "Kunstbulletin"

"There is also a palpable sense of closeness and, at the same time, of distance and strangeness."

Johanna Encrantz on "Distance Black," New York and the Corona shock

Kunstbulletin, 5/2021

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Jonas Burkhalter at "Züritipp"

"So poetic that it brings tears to your eyes."

Paulina Szczesniak on "Distance Black," Jonas Burkhalter as an artist and his way of working.

Züritipp, 15/4/2021

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Jonas Burkhalter at "swiss-architects.com"

"A peculiar fascination and radiance emanates from Burkhalter's photographs."

Susanna Koeberle on "Distance Black," the story behind the motifs and an almost surreal reality 

swiss-architects.com, 12/4/2021

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Jonas Burkhalter at "akut"

"It is the lack of distraction in the situation, the confrontation of one's own perception, the simplicity of things, and the pointing reference systems that make "Distance Black" worth seeing."

Joshua Amissah on "Distance Black," the common usage of language, and the visual narrative of Jonas Burkhalter's photography

Akut Mag, 7/4/2021

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Winter impressions by Claudio Rasano

For once, when Claudio Rasano cannot travel, he portrays his homeland in Switzerland.

"Nahe Basel", 2021
Photography, 76 × 80 cm

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Claudio Rasano's works in Teo Jakob home story

Photographs by Claudio Rasano, who lives in Basel, complement a spacious Biel city loft. To see in a feature about furnishing of the Swiss furnishing company Teo Jakob.

Video "In einem Moment zu Hause"

König Büro at "Journal of Arts"

"She gives everything for art, loves to take risks and goes with fate. Even when she opened her gallery and the lockdown was declared."

Michel Rebosura on Susanne König, her gallery and her convictions

Journal of Arts, 7/12/2021

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Book presentation by Rudolf Steiner

On November 6, the artist from Biel will present his book "Ricochet", published by Vexer Verlag. High-resolution photographs, taken in the Jura countryside, which, through the image capturing process, lead to strangely beautiful images.

Friday, November 6, 2020, from 6 p.m. Conversation with Theresa Gruber at 7 p.m.

At our Gallery
Rudolf Steiner
Book available here

König Büro at "Swiss Women Network"

"Career means going your own way, being courageous, also willing to take risks and confident."

Susanne König in an interview about her work and the concept of career.

Swonet, 2/11/2021

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Marcel Freymond in "Women in Business"

"Don't miss out on the exciting cultural events the colder months have in store for you."

The König Büro with "Staring at the Sea" in cultural tips

Women in Business, November 2020

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König Büro at the Art Fair Kunst 20

With "Längizyti – Longing for Sunshine" the König Büro will be represented at Kunst 20 in Zurich from October 29th to November 1st. We present a concise show on the themes of longing and idyll. We are looking forward to your visit!

You can find us at booth B5.

Hall 550, Ricarda-Huch-Strasse, 8050 Zurich. Former factory buildings behind the Zurich-Oerlikon railroad station.
Art Fair Kunst 20 Zurich

"Skonogramme" by Lorenz Olivier Schmid

Lorenz Olivier Schmid's book «Skonogramme» has just been published by Vexer Verlag, with photographs of the mysterious reverse glass preparations.

Lorenz Olivier Schmid
Book available here

König Büro in the «Bieler Tagblatt»

"This attitude, art as a way of life, is what she learned in Biel. She still feels this common attitude now when she works with Biel artists, such as Marcel Freymond, who will be showing an exhibition in her gallery this winter."

Simone K. Rohner on Susanne König, her career and her Biel roots.

Bieler Tagblatt, 25/8/2020

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Architectural Art / Sitespecific Works by Lorenz Olivier Schmid

Two works by Lorenz Olivier Schmid can be seen in the new Schulzentrum Schöftland, opened on 11. August 2020 "Schwarzkümmel", a behind-glass preparation and "Laubbläser", an installation made of different types of hardwood. Worth seeing.

→ Neues Schulzentrum Schöftland, Dorfstrasse 26, 5040 Schöftland.

Nicole Biermaier at the Berlin studio

Nicole Biermaier's research sketch from the Berlin studio.
 An update with an excerpt from «Berlin Alexanderplatz–Frankfurter Tor – Research Sketch #1».

Exhibition programme for the season 2020

We are looking forward to the upcoming exhibitions:

  • Milva Stutz "Good Boys", August 29–October 3, 2020
  • Marcel Freymond "Staring at the Sea, Staring at the Sand", December 4, 2020–January 9, 2021

Gallery opening on August 27

We are opening a gallery for young Swiss art. The exhibition program's main focus: contemporary positions which convince through the autonomy and authenticity of the works as well as the way they capture and understand the zeitgeist.

Opening with the exhibition "Good Boys" by Milva Stutz on August 27/28, 4–8 p.m., Birmensdorferstrasse 299, 8055 Zurich, Switzerland.

Aglaia Haritz: Through the glass bell

Aglaia Haritz and her daughter are gardening. They observe plants and animals in their garden near Locarno. The artist allows a glimpse, according to the circumstances only through the glass bell.

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Antshi von Moos: "Brother, move on" from the sofa

Film festivals take place virtually because of the situation. Antshi von Moos' short film "Brother, move on" will be shown at the Brooklyn Film Festival, May 29 – June 7, 2020. The second possibility: Oklahoma City's 20th Annual deadCenter Film Festival, June 11–21, 2020. The artist collaged her personal recipe for a chai for personal viewing.

Brooklyn Film Festival
Oklahoma City’s deadCenter Film Festival

Claudio Rasano awarded with Meitar Award

Claudio Rasano receives the Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography from PHOTO IS:RAEL. Congratulations!

Corona Boring Day

Claudio Rasano's view from the balcony during the Corona crisis. A meaningful image that precisely captures the global reality of the lockdown: The balcony as the only open space. The reduction of the perspective on the immediate surroundings.

Lorenz Olivier Schmid: "Ricinus communis"

The miracle tree's seed capsule, a reverse glass preparation from a series of pressed flowers. Lorenz Olivier Schmid's wall picture «Ricinus communis» from 2019 is given an astonishing topicality by the media presence of coronavirus illustrations.

Antshi von Moos: Best Film in New Delhi

Congratulations to Antshi von Moos. Another award for her short film "Brother, move on". This time it was chosen as Best Film in the Fairer & Fearless category at the New Delhi International Film Festival.

Marcel Freymond 10: Thanksgiving

Finished paintings. These are ready to be exhibited.

Presentation at the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid

König Büro attended the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid on March 1st. Within the framework of the "Talking Independent" discussion Susanne König presented the activity of König Büro as well its specific services in the art sector as an addition to the traditional gallery. There was a vivid exchange with the international audience about innovative collections and new platforms for the presentation of art.

→ Hybrid Art Fair

Marcel Freymond 09: Alternative Perspective

Sometimes we have to look at a work from a bird’s eye view to gain clarity.

Nicole Biermaier receives award of Sternstunde Kunst

Nicole Biermaier wins the Prize of Sternstunde Kunst at the Solothurn Film Festival. With her project to investigate the increasing influence of women in the art market. Bravo!

Marcel Freymond 08: The Big Formats

Marcel Freymond doesn't only concentrate on the details, but is also secure on big formats.