Claudio Rasano in "The Guardian"

"Children themselves have been known to rebel against uniforms, especially as they approach the awkward age characterised by the need to fit in and the desire to stand out, all at the same time."

Claudio Rasano to the journalist Mark Brown, on the award-winning portrait photography from the series "Similar Uniforms: We Refuse to Compare". 

The Guardian, 15/11/2016

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Claudio Rasano at "NZZ Residence"

Rasano's photographs complete the style.

NZZ Residence, 1/2022

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Claudio Rasano at "Professional Photography"

"Notable for its simplicity and powerful directness, the image was commended by judges for its 'ability to create something beautiful out of the everyday'."

About Claudio Rasano as one of the world's best contemporary portrait photographers.

Professional Photography, January/February 2017

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Claudio Rasano in "The Times"

"By using natural light and a white background and having his subject wear the uniform of his Johannesburg school, Claudio Rasano highlights the significance of the strict uniform policy in South African schools."

Nancy Durrant in the Times, on the 2016 Taylor Wessing Prize and winner Claudio Rasano. Congratulations, Claudio!

The Times, 16/11/2016

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Talaya Schmid at the "Kunstbulletin"

"The exhibition Radical Soft is like a call: to break with patriarchal patterns of thinking, to recast words and spaces, and to find a more tender and caring way of dealing with each other and with oneself." 

Giulia Bernardi's exhibition review in the Kunstbulletin.

Kunstbulletin, 1–2/2022

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Talaya Schmid at "Curvy Magazine"

"The work pleads for a society without categorizations and is a declaration of love and total fusion of two people."

Laura Blöchl asks, "What is feminism?" And answers promptly, "Radically soft, of course!" In the Curvy Magazine, she reviews Talaya Schmid's exhibition "Radical Soft." 

Curvy Magazine, 27/1/2022

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Claudio Rasano at the "Kunstbulletin"

"He does not orchestrate, does not arrange. In his portraits he seeks the immediate encounter, the openness of a moment."

About Claudio Rasano, winner of the "Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016", note in the Kunstbulletin.

Kunstbulletin, 1–2/2017

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