Talaya Schmid receives award from the Canton of Zurich

Talaya Schmid is awarded the work contribution of the Canton of Zurich. For her work "Liquid Cuntry" she receives the most important award in the field of fine art that the Canton of Zurich bestows annually.

Exhibition at Museum Haus Konstruktiv
until Sunday, October 8, 2023

Talaya Schmid with Belia Winnewisser (Sound) 
Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 7 pm

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Talaya Schmid at the exhibition of the art scholarships of the city of Zurich

The City of Zurich awards annual work and studio grants to Zurich artists. 

Talaya Schmid is represented with "Colourful Killjoy Cvnts" at this year's City of Zurich art scholarship exhibition. In her new series of Soft Sculptures, she addresses emotional states that are marginalised in everyday life. With her works and sound pieces, the artist expresses exhaustion, sadness and anger.

"I understand Killjoy as an emancipatory practice. It's about being disobedient. The killjoy says that there can only be change if we also give expression to hopelessness, melancholy and exhaustion. It is both negative and visionary.“ – Talaya Schmid

The exhibition at Helmhaus Zurich is on view from July 15 – July 17, 2023.

Performance "Beautisome Creature"
with Talaya Schmid and Daniel Hellmann
on July 20, 2023, 7.30 p.m. at Helmhaus Zurich

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Marcel Freymond in Bieler Tagblatt

"The sound determines the art - and vice versa. Things intertwine, flow into each other, enrich each other."

"What can art do? Freymond thinks for a long time: "The best thing it can do is touch. When we are touched, it has a great power to change, says Freymond. It proves that what we see and hear does something to us. And this influences things on a small scale - and later, multiplied and in small steps, also the big picture.

Raphael Amstutz about Marcel Freymond and the exhibition «A Coloured Blanket Over Invisible Things».

Bieler Tagblatt, 6/7/2023 

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Talaya Schmid in «Kunstforum International»

"How can we live sustainably in a post-industrial world? And what contribution can art make to achieve this goal?"

A note on Talaya Schmid's participation in the 4th Industrial Art Biennial in Istria/Croatia at Kunstforum International.

Kunstforum International, 5/2023

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Talaya Schmid at the "Industrial Art Biennial" in Istria/Croatia

Talaya Schmid is represented with her large-scale installation "Liquid Cuntry" at the 4th Industrial Art Biennial in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.

The 4th Industrial Art Biennial will be held in the cities of Labin, Rasa, Pula and Rijeka from May 13th — June 30th, 2023.

Dimitra Charamandas at the "Helvetia Art Foyer"

"Perspectives are permeable, enlarging means transforming, and painting is movement. Thus "Little inlets" flow into the stream of our visual memory to question every rigid idea."

Dimitra Charamandas’ solo exhibition "Little inlets" opens on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at Helvetia Art Foyer in Basel.

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Janet Mueller in "Kunstbulletin"

"Transporting one's own feelings unfiltered to the outside world can mean a very shaky and vulnerable positioning in the art world, where openness is often interpreted as a lack of concept."

A note on Janet Mueller's solo exhibition "What Remains of the Day" in the current Kunstbulletin by Johanna Encrantz.

Kunstbulletin, 4/2023

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Marcel Freymond at Kunsthalle Basel

On the occasion of "Regionale 23, We are so many here", Marcel Freymond performs at Kunsthalle Basel, together with musician Michael Stulz. The two artists elicit spherical sounds and rhythms from the painted canvases by means of percussion mallets, microphones and amplifiers.

Opening on November 26, 2022

Photo: Christoph Stulz

Talaya Schmid on Swiss National Radio SRF 2

"Talaya Schmid is an artist, activist and co-founder of the "Porny Days" film festival, which takes place every year in Zurich. Schmid deals with sex in all its facets - including in her art. She explains why sex is an important part of our culture."

Talaya Schmid in conversation with Patricia Muroni in "Kultur kompakt".

SRF 2, 1/17/2023

Photo: Ela Celic

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Exhibition Program 2023

Acquisition by the Canton of Zurich

The Art Collection of the Canton of Zurich acquired the titular watercolors from Eleonora Meier's exhibition.

Eleonora Meier
"When it Comes, the Landscape Listens" #2, 2022
Watercolor and pencil on paper
38.5 × 52.5 cm

Eleonora Meier
"When it Comes, the Landscape Listens #3", 2022
Watercolor, colored pencil and pencil on paper
118 × 82 cm

Acquisition by Zürcher Kantonalbank

Purchase of Eleonora Meier’s large-format watercolor by the art collection of the Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Eleonora Meier

"When it Comes, the Landscape Listens #10", 2022
Watercolor and graphite pencil on Hahnemühle paper
220 × 140 cm

Acquisition by the City of Zurich

The city of Zurich buys Talaya Schmid's 31-piece Soft Sculpture for its art collection.

Talaya Schmid
"United Nipple Altar", 2019
Tufted Soft Sculpture
Sheep wool, canvas, imitation leather, latex
31 Elements
170 × 170 × 3 cm

Talaya Schmid in Bowie Creators

"Well-known for her colorful "soft sculptures", the artist doesn't hesitate to transcend the different mediums to convey her strong message. She is dismantling the patriarchic ways of thinking and instilling safe spaces where one can feel surrounded by love and discover themselves."

Feature on Talaya Schmid in "Bowie Creators Magazine"

Bowie Creators, 11/15/2022

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Lorenz Olivier Schmid in Kunstbulletin

"The artist as a tinkerer in the laboratory: Lorenz Olivier Schmid investigates traces of natural processes and discovers in his research beauty even in decay. Chance plays a weighty role in this."

Niklaus Oberholzer on Lorenz Olivier Schmid's exhibition "Umnutzungsvorschlag" at Benzeholz, space for contemporary art, Meggen.

Kunstbulletin, 10/2022

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My Light in Kulturzüri

"This room is a place of retreat that is, to some extent, the complete opposite of the hectic daily hospital routine. An invitation to go into silence for a moment. For the hospital staff, for parents and relatives of the patients alike."

Gabriela Alvarez-Hummel on James Turrell's "My Light" at the Children's Hospital Zurich. Managed and mediated by König Büro.

Kulturzüri, 10/13/2022

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König Büro at the 1st Art Salon Zurich

"The Opening Evening on Wednesday with around 1500 invited guests showed that there is a great hunger for an art platform in Zurich."

Daniel Chardon on the first staging of Zurich's new art fair.

Art Of Magazine, 10/02/2022

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Eleonora Meier in Tages-Anzeiger

"The worst weekend of your life? I almost only remember the good things."

Eleonora Meier in the "My Weekend" column.

Tages-Anzeiger, 09/17/2022

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Talaya Schmid in Hochparterre

"The work of artist Talaya Schmid proves how today's young female artists confidently deal with the subject of femininity."

Susanna Koeberle on the project "Atelier Vivant. Cosmos Lilly Keller and the Present“ with Talaya Schmid.
Curated by Carole Kambli.

Hochparterre, 08/28/2022

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Lorenz Olivier Schmid's Solo Show

On 25 August, 2022 Lorenz Olivier Schmid's comprehensive solo show "Umnutzungsvorschlag" opens at Benzeholz, space for contemporary art in Meggen near Lucerne. Curated by Katrin Sperry.

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Antshi von Moos wins DOK.talent Award

Antshi von Moos wins this year's DOK.talent Award (formerly Pitch Award) with the film "Von Pflanzen und Menschen". It is awarded by the Haus des Dokumentarfilms in Stuttgart. With her film project, Antshi von Moos explores the silent suffering of plants and provides insights into the world of science, which is just beginning to understand how plants interact with their environment. "If we understood plant communication better, we would have to use fewer pesticides. Natural enemies can replace the poison. This is an important step towards a sustainable way of life that does not work against nature," she says. The project is still in its research and planning phase. The prize will help to move the work forward.

Dear Antshi, congratulations!

Dokumentarfilm.info, 16/5/2022

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Claudio Rasano in "The Guardian"

"Children themselves have been known to rebel against uniforms, especially as they approach the awkward age characterised by the need to fit in and the desire to stand out, all at the same time."

Claudio Rasano to the journalist Mark Brown, on the award-winning portrait photography from the series "Similar Uniforms: We Refuse to Compare". 

The Guardian, 15/11/2016

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Claudio Rasano at "NZZ Residence"

Rasano's photographs complete the style.

NZZ Residence, 1/2022

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Claudio Rasano at "Professional Photography"

"Notable for its simplicity and powerful directness, the image was commended by judges for its 'ability to create something beautiful out of the everyday'."

About Claudio Rasano as one of the world's best contemporary portrait photographers.

Professional Photography, January/February 2017

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Claudio Rasano in "The Times"

"By using natural light and a white background and having his subject wear the uniform of his Johannesburg school, Claudio Rasano highlights the significance of the strict uniform policy in South African schools."

Nancy Durrant in the Times, on the 2016 Taylor Wessing Prize and winner Claudio Rasano. Congratulations, Claudio!

The Times, 16/11/2016

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Talaya Schmid at the "Kunstbulletin"

"The exhibition Radical Soft is like a call: to break with patriarchal patterns of thinking, to recast words and spaces, and to find a more tender and caring way of dealing with each other and with oneself." 

Giulia Bernardi's exhibition review in the Kunstbulletin.

Kunstbulletin, 1–2/2022

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Talaya Schmid at "Curvy Magazine"

"The work pleads for a society without categorizations and is a declaration of love and total fusion of two people."

Laura Blöchl asks, "What is feminism?" And answers promptly, "Radically soft, of course!" In the Curvy Magazine, she reviews Talaya Schmid's exhibition "Radical Soft." 

Curvy Magazine, 27/1/2022

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Claudio Rasano at the "Kunstbulletin"

"He does not orchestrate, does not arrange. In his portraits he seeks the immediate encounter, the openness of a moment."

About Claudio Rasano, winner of the "Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016", note in the Kunstbulletin.

Kunstbulletin, 1–2/2017

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