Aller-Retour. Going Places

29 May – 21 June 2015

König Büro

Co-curation with Vanessa Simili


Atelier Mondial, Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel, Switzerland


David Berweger, Anja Braun, Pawel Ferus, Claire Hannicq, Sibylle Hauert, Stefan Hösl & Andrea Mihaljevic, Zora Kreuzer, Max Leiss, Tobias Madison, Jon Merz, Mandla Reuter, Mathilde Sauzet, Angelika Schori, Mirjam Spoolder, Raphael Stucky, Verena Thürkauf, Gwen van den Eijnde, Capucine Vandebrouk, Andreas von Ow, Pedro Wirz


Susanne König and Vanessa Simili were commissioned by the Christoph Merian Foundation’s Atelier Mondial with curating the bursary exhibition in the Dreispitz area of Basel. A new exhibition space was brought to life for the first time with the international group exhibition of 20 different positions. The commission also included the research, concept and the selection of works, as well as texts, publication, exhibition structure, the address at the opening and an interview with an artist.

Introduction round of the scholarship holders with souvenirs and some stories about them: Andrea Mihaljevic talking. Photo: König Büro
Set-up of the exhibition. Photo: König Büro
Exhibition view at the new Salon Mondial. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess
Capucine Vandebrouck “La mémoire de l‘eau”, 2014/2015. Water photogram composed of ice and vapor; glass and wood, 200 × 90 × 18 cm. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess
Raphael Stucky “Tier I, II, III” mit Olivar Garcia, 2014/2015. HD video, cassette tape layering loops. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess
Pawel Ferus “Utility Mama” (Remake), 2014/2015. Bricks and blanket, 190 × 85 × 80 cm. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess
Co-curator Susanne König welcomes the guests. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess
Left: Mirjam Spoolder “Nine Times Nine” (selection), 2015. Silk, silkpaint, cotton, belt, elastic string, 9 pieces, dimensions variable.
Right: Angelika Schori “Unbekannt”, 2015. Acrylic on aluminium, both 100 × 100 cm. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess
Left: Sibylle Hauert “Double Happiness”, 2014. 28 cigaretts boxes, with a chain of lights, 8 × 308 × 2 cm.
Right: Tobias Madison “Untitled”, 2015. Printings on paper, sewn on canvas. Back side drawn with dispersion, 145 × 133.5 cm, AP. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess
Back: David Berweger “Französischer Cartoon” (Mock-up 1:3), 2015. Graphit, spray color, adhesive foil on paper, 74 × 71 × 10 cm.
Front: Gwen van den Eijnde “Kakitsubata” (selection of costume elements), 2015. Indigo dyed tabi, laser cutted geta, 2 pairs of shoes. Photo: Kathrin Schulthess