Art Around Zurich

May 2016

König Büro

Exhibition Management, Jury with Susann Wintsch and Thomas Müllenbach


Kulturgruppe Fällanden, Zwicky hall, Fällanden (ZH), Switzerland


Pascale Eiberle, Svetlana Hansemann, Gabriela Signer, Sieglinde Wittwer, Klaus Born, Victor H. Bächer, Ruth Baldinger, Clea Bitzer, Robert Bosshard, Beatrice Bucher, Adrian Bütikofer, Brigitta Gabban, Franz Hero, Hanspeter Keller, Christa Kronig-Gsell, Adrian Künzi, Heidi Lerch, Tobias Leuenberger, Walter Lüönd, Susanne Lyner, Marcel Mathieu, Elisabeth Moers, Thierry Perriard, Akiko Sato, Tim Gregory Steiner, Heidy Vital, Erika Wey, Kerstin Wittenberg, Armin Wydler, Arian Zeller


The thirty pieces selected were curated by König Büro to form a thematic grouped course. The exhibition was shaped by the scenography that guided visitors through seven themed areas inside the Zwicky Halle. This regional art exhibition focused on subject matters that align with shared, intergenerational interests. Similar artistic approaches were embodied in a variety of stylistic expressions. König Büro worked closely with the Kulturgruppe Fällanden to supervise the exhibition set-up, and also gave a welcome speech at its opening.


Heinz Schmid, Matthias Schaedler, Gérard Erdt, Hans-Peter Ege, Marco Drudi, Lucas David, Silvan Lipp, Doris Halter, Vreni Weber, Martin Bolt, Peter Strebel, Rosmarie Burkhard, Christine Schmid, Barbara Ege, Esther Sturzenegger

Sieglinde Wittwer "Highway V", 2014/2015. Oil on canvas, 200 × 200 cm. © the artist. Photo: König Büro
Installation view of the area "Eldest Star" or "Ältester Stern". On the pedestals in front: sculptures by Akiko Sato 2007–2013. Marble, alabaster, onyx, Nero Belgio.
On the wall: Hanspeter Keller "Projekt SMSS", 2014–2015. Graphite on cardboard. Photo: König Büro
Installation view of the area "Raw Memories" or "Rohe Erinnerungen". With drawings by Pascale Eiberle, wood objects by Adrian Künzi, paintings by Heidy Vital. photo: König Büro
One stop of the sculpture path ("Skulpturenpfad") in Fällanden. Marion Strunk "Wollen", 2016. Tree, red wool. Photo: König Büro
Gabriela Signer "GE-Länder", 2003. Brass/steel, floor, 150 × 150 × 85 cm. Drawdings on paper, 2015/2016, 20 × A3. © and photo: the artist
Installation view of the area "Social Affairs or concrete wood" or "Soziales oder Holz konkret". With paper cut by Clea Bitzer, wood object and prints by Heidi Lerch, printing plate by Walter Lüönd. Photo: König Büro
Svetlana Hansemann "Kitchen and More", 2014. Photo prints, Oil on canvas, wood, concrete, 120 × 360 cm. © the artist. Photo: König Büro