Art in the Practice

December 2014 – January 2015

König Büro



Osteopathie Central, Zurich, Switzerland


Baltensperger + Siepert, Michael Noser, Lorenz Olivier Schmid, Livio Baumgartner


The “Kunst in der Praxis” or “Art in the Surgery” project developed from the needs of surgery owners to design their premises in a way that makes patients feel valued and trusting. The focus is on up-and-coming Swiss art. The trusting relationship between patients and the osteopaths who treat them should be cultivated, rather than disrupted, by the art. Through the positioning of art within the waiting room, a new level comes into play between patient and doctor, which is advantageous in many respects. “Art in the Surgery” is also designed to be an expression of a work ethic. In agreement with surgery owners, König Büro takes care not only of the display, but also the hanging of the works in the surgery premises. 

The waiting room. Michael Noser “Phantasma II – Instruktion”, 2010. Back wall of the instructor's cabine, 200 × 250 cm. Photo: Björn Allemann
Treatment space l. Comments about Baltensperger + Siepert's video, collected from selected online platforms. “The Camp West”, 2011. Photo: Robi Hai
Treatment space I with two artworks by Michael Noser. Left: “Ohne Titel / Schädel, Nerven & Weichteile” and right: “Ohne Titel / Baum”, 2012. Pencil, ink, watercolor and distemper on wood carton 110 × 80 cm. Private property. Photo: Björn Allemann
Osteopathic treatment. Photo: Björn Allemann
Treatment space ll. Left: Livio Baumgartner “Fasting Plockare 106”, 2014. Fused glass, 14,8 × 10,5 cm. Right: Michael Noser “Das Bein”, 2010. Oil and ink on cotton, 60 × 80 cm. Photo: Robi Hai