Contemporary Seniors — Now Never

17 November – 8 December 2014

König Büro



Zürcher Oberland Seniors Forum, Wetzikon, Switzerland


Lorenz Olivier Schmid, Baltensperger + Siepert, Antshi von Moos
“Now Never” exhibition at the Helmhaus Zurich, Switzerland, curated by Simon Maurer and Daniel Morgenthaler


With “Nie Jetzt” or “Now Never”, König Büro opened up a series known as “Zeitgenössische Senioren”, or “Contemporary Seniors”. The idea is to offer four meetings and one exhibition visit for each event. The series builds on a participatory idea and conveys approaches and knowledge to workshop participants about positions in contemporary Swiss art. Here participants’ sight is taken into account in the course content. The focus is on the collaborative examination of ways of interpreting individual works. Young female artists are invited to present two of their works. This forms the starting point for a discussion with questions and responses from participants. 

From the concept

Course room at the Seniors Forum Wetzikon. Artworks on the table: Antshi Von Moos “Kaktus”, 2014. 1 Cactus with blooms, 1 dried lemon, 5 LEDs in different colours, 1 presence detector, 1 Arduino, cable, 1 electrical connection, 1 wooden box, 1 wooden broad, 2 metal brackets, 17.5 x 14.5 x 18.5 cm.
Behind: “5500 Year Old Garbage”, 2014. 5500 year old wood, chewing gum and saliva, 9 x 71 x 11 cm. Photo: Antshi Von Moos
What's the difference between art and craft? During the discussion developed mindmap, November 2014. Photo: König Büro
Focused seniors. Photo: Antshi Von Moos
The video artist Antshi Von Moos talking with the seniors about the daily routine in a studio, December 2014. Photo: König Büro
Visit of the exhibition “Nie Jetzt“ at Helmhaus Zurich, December 2014. Photo: König Büro
Favourite art work of the seniors by Raphael Perret. Visit of the exhibition “Nie Jetzt”, Helmhaus Zurich, December 2014. Photo: König Büro