Contemporary Seniors — Triangle of Love

26 October – 16 November 2015

König Büro



Zürcher Oberland Seniors Forum, Wetzikon, Switzerland


Lorenz Olivier Schmid, Aglaia Haritz, Michael Noser, Claudio Rasano
Exhibition “Das Dreieck der Liebe – Körperlichkeit und Abstraktion in der Zürcher Kunst” (“The Triangle of Love – Physicality and Abstraction in the Art of Zurich”) at the Helmhaus Zurich, Switzerland, curated by Michael Hiltbrunner


The second edition of the series “Zeitgenössische Senioren”, or “Contemporary Seniors”, tackles the theme of the “Triangle of Love”. Inspired by the Helmhaus exhibition of the same name, which examines the art of Zurich, König Büro is setting up the Triangle of Love a little differently – to include a group of contemporary seniors, young artists and an experienced curator. 

In 2014 König Büro launched the “Contemporary Seniors” workshop series with “Nie Jetzt”, or “Never Now”. The workshops are based on a participatory approach and convey perspectives and knowledge to the participants about positions in recent Swiss art.

Workshop programme

Time for a coffee. Photo: Hanspeter Weinmann
At the Seniorenzentrum Wetzikon. Photo: Hanspeter Weinmann
Aglaia Haritz presenting her artworks. Foto: Karin Heller
A course member showing an artwork by Michael Noser from the series “Rheinau Chronicles ll”. Photo: Susi Schär
Mindmap about the topic of the workshop “Is Love Triangular?” Photo: Susi Schär
Visiting the exhibition at the Helmhaus in Zurich “Das Dreieck der Liebe - Körperlichkeit und Abstraktion in der Zürcher Kunst”. With artworks by Michael Blättler, Verena Loewensberg and Cristina Fessler. Photo: Hanspeter Weinmann
The seniors watching the artwork by Eva Kurz untitled, 1999–2015. Photo: Hanspeter Weinmann
The curator Michael Hiltbrunner talking about his exhibition, standing on the artwork of Rico & Michael “Nudes, Leaves and Harp”, 2012. Photo: Hanspeter Weinmann