Kindergarten at the Studio


König Büro



Kindergarten Bullingerhof, Zurich, Switzerland


Marcel Freymond


Together with Susanne König the artist Marcel Freymond gives the kids from the Bullingerhof Kindergarten an insight into the working life of an artist by an atelier visit. The kids learn about the media of video, photography and drawing during their tour of the workplaces. This allows them to access the world of art. They also learn more about the role of the curator and how exhibitions are organised. Using the painting «Space 03» as an example, the children are able to study a painting and describe what they see. At the end of the workshop, they are given oil crayons so that they can draw a fantastic underwater planet world together with the artist.

In the atelier of Antshi von Moos, in which she mostly works with film, the children discover a sculpture and a relief out of their favorite material chewing gum. Photo: Marcel Freymond.
A primed paper awaits the ideas of the children in Marcel Freymond's atelier: What do you think about before going to sleep at night? Photo: König Büro.
The children draw with oil crayons together with the artist. Photo: König Büro.
The collective artwork shows an underwater planet world for the exhibition in the kindergarten. Photo: Marcel Freymond.